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Our Story
The Daughters of Charity community was founded by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac in Paris France in 1633. The Daughters have focused their service toward the poorest and most abandoned, touching the lives of others through health care, education, social and pastoral ministries throughout the world. 

The Daughters began their ministry in health care in New Orleans at the beloved Charity Hospital in 1834; they continued there until the early part of this century. The Daughters of Charity also established Hotel Dieu Hospital in 1859, a three story brick building located three blocks from their sister hospital - Charity. Its purpose was to provide private health care to the large numbers of slaves and seamen in the city of New Orleans during the Civil War. Residents of the South appreciated the services of a privately owned and operated hospital, particularly during the time when the practice of owning human property was in question. 

Hotel Dieu was the only private hospital that remained open during the Civil War. The hospital was founded and managed by the Daughters of Charity from 1895 until the end of 1992 when it was sold to the State of Louisiana and renamed University Hospital. Despite the sale of Hotel Dieu in 1992, the Daughters of Charity continued to operate and manage Charity Hospital until 1996 when they refocused their efforts to primary care establishing Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans (DCSNO). 

Incorporated in 1996 to perpetuate a Catholic health care presence in New Orleans, DCSNO offers holistic primary and preventive care services for pediatrics, adolescents, adults, and seniors at nine clinics throughout greater New Orleans. 

The mission of Daughters of Charity Foundation of New Orleans (DCFNO) is to be the philanthropic advocate for Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans realizing and supporting its strategic direction as it provides high-quality comprehensive, affordable health care for all members of the community. 

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